Short Workshops

Art and music workshops for children and adolescents

Multiple input (one to three-day) workshop, designed to inspire: In small groups of around 15, young people of various ages try out a variety of musical and artistic offerings. They go through a sequence of creative disciplines and learn some basic skills – running these in parallel means that we can manage 45 participants at the same time.

Target groups: Children from 5 years on, teenagers and young adults

Duration: 1–3 days, e.g. 3 rotating 2-hour workshops per day

What‘s the point?: Singing (choir, hip-hop, vocal coaching), drumming, dancing, musical improvisation on a variety of instruments, theater, spoken word (rap, poetry slam), stick fighting


  • To try out music and art
  • To discover one’s own talents
  • To learn social skills
  • To promote inter-cultural understanding
  • To experience teamwork

Example modules:
Holiday learning-camp: 4-day experiential programme involving overcoming learning diffi culties, increasing competence in German
School workshop: world café in German or in English
Hip-Hop and Beatbox workshop.
Traditional/modern dance.
African drumming. Poetry-slam.
Choral singing