HIT THE BEAT & Friends

Being an expression of the mutual effects of different cultures, Hit the Beat concerts are firework displays of energy, élan and skill. During a concert tour various Hit-the-Beat projects can be combined – for instance, through several choirs taking the stage together. Alternatively, on the day of a concert several kinds of open workshop can take place, and their results can then be incorporated into the performance in the evening. Thus, through cultural exchange, young people from different countries discover new abilities in themselves and others. The workshops can also be held in English.

Target groups: young people from diverse backgrounds (refugees welcome)

Duration: 1–3-hour concert, including up to 8 hours of workshops

Special features: artistic encounters between different cultures


  • international youth exchange
  • concert programmes with plenty of variety
  • To dissolve prejudices and widen horizons
  • To promote

Sample module:

  • Combined choral work, bringing together choirs from different countries
  • Morning concert: 45 minute concert as a way of introducing the various artistic disciplines offered by Hit the Beat
  • Evening concert: A full-on 120-minute show with choirs, dance, drumming, poetry-slam, beatbox, R&B and film.