2016 Namibia-Cultural Diversity

HIT THE BEAT – In Rhythm we meet. Unity through Cultural Diversity.
Choir, Drumming, Percussion, Theatre and Dance with Waldorf School Windhoek learners and friends

Fri. 3 June 2016, Sat. 4 June 2016, 19h00 at Warehouse Theatre
48 Tal Street, Windhoek City

More than ever globalisation is an issue worldwide – in Europe, refugees have initiated a huge discussion on how to deal with multicultural issues in many countries. In Namibia, this has been daily life for more than a century. How can we deal with discrimination and prejudice? How can we make sure we don’t lose our own cultural identity when cultures are mixing with such speed. One possibility is non-verbal communication through music, art and dance. Hit the Beat 2016 has as its aim for all cultures to meet in music, dance, percussion and art, trying to put cultural identity in connection with cultural diversity.


The team behind the learners comprises Simone de Picciotto (project leader, choir project, drumming workshop and garbage music workshop), Carmen Nothando-Voigt (dance and choreography), Mia Rößler (theatre, poetry and improvisation), Tapuwanashe Munya (drumming), Felix Spitta (hip-hop and film-making), Markus Sprengler (band singer, vocal coaching and learners firm), Faizel Browne (dancing), Retha Landsberg (Mexican dance), Gerrit von Schouwenburg (Art) and Günther Geiger, Adam Brandon-Kirby, Conrad Hegarty (Band).

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