Unity through Cultural Diversity

Choir & Friends Germany Tour 2016

Unity through Cultural Diversity

Namibian students of the Waldorf School Windhoek organize creative workshops with students in Germany and give concerts together at the end. The goal is always the encounter and cultural exchange between young people of different origins.

In 2016, there will be a revival of "Choir & Friends Germany Tour". After a three-week project period, the Hit the Beat Choir of the Waldorf School Windhoek will travel to Germany. The 24 students from Namibia will give a celebratory concert to mark the opening of the exhibition "NAMIBIA - Art of a Young Generation" at Museum Würth in Künzelsau. Parallel to the Namibian students, children at the ALISA Center in Worms and young refugees at the Parzival Center in Karlsruhe also practice similar choral works and drum pieces.

The diverse musical encounters enable an appreciative, intercultural exchange between the participants. According to the motto "Hit the Beat, In rhythm we meet - Unity through cultural diversity", prejudices can be overcome on all sides:

Wherever we young people come from, we all have similar wishes and needs and dream of a world where we are understood."

Constructive reduction of:


Racism & Discrimination

Prejudice & Homophobia

Mental injuries

Lack of perspective

Propensity to violence

Traumatic experiences

Promoting the following competencies:

Respect & Tolerance

Courage & Humanity

Understanding of the other person

Participation &

Community thinking

Creativity & Openness

Discovering and testing one's own potential

Positive and independent thinking

Non-violent communication

Music is only there when it is experienced. Music is temporal form and requires the experience and the active bringing forth of such form.

Manfred Spitzer

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