The Three Magicians

Educational Project & Tour Namibia 2022/23

The Three Magicians – Magic Words / Zauberworte

In February 2022, the idea of a collaboration between Hit the Beat Namibia and three world-renowned German magicians: Janis von dem Borne, Gaston Florin and Harry Riegel was born.

These magicians had the ideas to organize a four-week magic tour "Magic Words/Zauberworte" through Namibia in March 2023.

This led to three days of joint rehearsals in March 2023 between the 70 students of Waldorf School Windhoek and the "Three Magicians". A great show was created in which the magic of the magicians was interwoven with the voices and instruments of Hit the Beat.

A brilliant performance at the Waldorf School Windhoek was followed by joint performances in various constellations at the Drombusch lodge and the National Theatre Namibia.

In November 2023 Hit the Beat Namibia will be on tour again in Germany and so there will be a similar performance at the Waldorf School Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart on Sunday the 19.11.2023 at 18:00. The audience can look forward to a dynamic presentation of the Namibian choir including drums, marimba and mbira sounds and incredible magic moments. It will surely be an unforgettable evening.

Magicians Travelogue (in German)

Magicians-Reisebericht.pdf (15.7 MiB)