Let's Move it

2023 Education project Namibia

Let's Move it

Hit the Beat 2023: „Let‘s move it!“

This year we are celebrating 10 years of this form of project at Waldorf School Windhoek and are reconnecting to the same theme we had in 2013: „Let‘s move it!“

60 students from grades 9 - 12 are moving to rhythm, dancing to rhythm, to life itself! We want to inspire ourselves and others, to move things we want to change in the world, to celebrate life as such, moving in our school community with themes that matter to us!

Dancing, Drumming, African instruments, brooms, music improvisation, solo singing and spoken word can be heard all over the school grounds. The students are having such fun and are highly motivated - the energy vibes are all around us and we can’t wait to perform on Thursday 21.9.23 and Friday 22.9.23 at Waldorf School Windhoek 19h00. Last year the hall was brimming with audience so don‘t be late to get a seat!