Hit the Beat – In Rhythm we meet. Unity through Rhythmic and Cultural Diversity.

The „Hit the Beat“ project began in 1998 – inspired by a student’s idea. Simone de Picciotto was then working at a Waldorf School for disadvantaged children in Baden-Wurtemburg. One of her pupils, Korbianian Stahl, chose to do „Drumming“ for his Class 12 Project. In the course of working on this with him, Simone began to attend drumming workshops. Soon the first drums had been bought and the first drumming group founded. Since then Simone has been regularly drumming and singing with children in schools. From Ghana and other countries more drums have also been bought and donated.

Seven years later Simone started teaching at the Waldorf School in Windhoek, Namibia – and the project came with her. Here she worked in the high school for a further eight years, teaching music and other subjects. In summer 2012 she returned to Germany, and has been carrying on with „Hit the Beat“, in the form of workshops at a number of schools, academies and free projects

All workshops are open to participates between the ages of 8 – 88.

If you are interested in having a Hit-the-Beat Workshop, please contact Simone de Picciotto: info@hit-the-beat.org