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2016 Hit the Beat Show – Programm

IMG_0507_Hit_the_Beat_72dpi“The Warehouse Theatre lit up with a bevy of performances, thanks to Waldorf School Windhoek’s 80 pupils – in collaboration with team leaders – who executed a stunning show last Friday evening.” The Namibian, 2016-06-07

1. Dakota Hym, Teachers
2. Gig Teachers, WSW
3. Arabian Nights / A hole new world, Grade 9 & teacher Rainer Pinsenschaum
4. Poetry group “I am Diversity” by Charles Bennafield, Coach Mia Rößler
5. Drumming, Coach Tapuwanasche Munyayi
6. Dance Taylor Swift, Choreographer Carmen Nothando Voigt
7. Solo song Sweater Weather: Zephania Kameeta (Singer) / Coach Markus Sprengler
8. Mexican Dance, Retha Landsberg
9. Solo “Titanium” by David Guetta, Nisha Paulse (Singer) / Coach Markus Sprengler
10. Drumming, Simone de Picciotto
11. Dance Adele “Make me feel my love”, Choreographer Faizel Browney / Sarah Situde (Singer) / Valentina (Singer)
12. Solo Song ”A thousand Years“ by Christina Perri, Catherine Vries (Singer) / Coach Markus Sprengler
13. September choir (Tour Germany 2016), Sarah Situde / Simone de Picciotto
..a. Tschosholoza Zulu
..b. Ti / am /am sa Afrika Tradtional Nama Damera Herero
..c. Tsina si spona no sasi tewi Tradtional Tswana
..d. Zuma Zuma Traditional Zulu
..e. You gotta believe, Marcellinus M. Swartbooi
14. Baba Yetu, Christopher Tin
15. Hip hop fly Felix Spitta
16. One World is enough, The Police/ Markus Sprengler (Singer)

– Break –

17. Film, Felix Spitta
18. Garbage Music, Simone de Picciotto / Moritz Schuster
19. Poem “All of us…”, Coach Mia Rößler
20. Solo “Sand Castle” by Beyonce, Tsimee (Singer) / Coach Markus Sprengler
21. Dancing and Drumming, Choreographer Faizel Browney / Tapuwanasche Munyayi (Drummer)
22. “Cost of freedom” by Marla Glen, Markus Sprengler (Singer)
23. Solo “Beautiful” Christina Aguillera, Ruth Kaposa (Singer) / Coach Markus Sprengler
24. Dance Carmen Sway: Michael Bouble, Choreographer Carmen Voigt / Martin Hanke (Singer)
25. Solo “Green Lights” by Shaquille / Zayanne, Sarah Situde (Singer)
26. Poetry Slam, Zephania Kameeta / Coach Mia Rößler
27. Choir: Simone de Picciotto / Sarah Situde
..a. Ti Mama Traditional Namibia
..b. El haderech Traditional Israel
..c. Avule Kile Zulu Gospel
..d. Ngotso Yamure na Traditional Tswana
..e. Give us hope Jim Papoulis
..f. The lion sings tonight
..g. Dubula Xhosa folksong / arr. Stephen Hatfield
..h. Earth Song Michael Jackson
..i. Stand together Jim Papoulis
..j. Pata Pata Miriam Makeba

Photo © Katharina Wyss