Hit the Beat – Let’s move it: Review

“Hit the Beat – Let’s move it” was presented by the Waldorf School Windhoek learners and guests in July 2014. Similar to last year it incorporated dance, drums, choir, theatre, garbage music and stick fighting. The development of the performance included three incredible weeks of choir rehearsals for all high school learners of from grade 9 to 12, and an additional choice of three workshops for each learner: dance, drumming, garbage music, stick fighting or improvisational theatre – and finally the hard work ended in two performances at the Warehouse Theatre.

Music connects, non-verbal communication helps to bring people together. When working with music all are equal, there are no differentiating/ discriminating factors. The learners develop a different consciousness of their body through daily dancing and movement training.

By working artistically on this project the learners are empowered with the following key qualities: creativity, courage, teamwork, musicality, and general rhythm. The performers experience themselves as an artistic unity, strengthening the feeling of a team at the school as well as pride for their school – the feedback we received from the learners after the project showed clearly that this aim was achieved.

In addition Gonzo N Friends our band from Germany came with enough time this year to really coach quite a few learners to sing solos with them in addition to accompanying various choir pieces and all dance choreographies. They worked many hours to provide us with music – thanks to all of them for that!

Another really wonderful aspect this year was that quite a number of former learners joined into the project enriching the entire show with their very musical abilities.

Also we found three other colleagues here in Windhoek: Tony Muirhead, Oliver Weede and Clara Samonà who offered additional drumming workshops bringing even more colour to our core team which again existed of Carmen Voigt (Dancing), Luigi Scarano (Acting + Musical dance), Barbara Stauffer (choir) and Simone de Picciotto (Project leader, Choir, drumming, Stick fighting and Garbage Music).

Personally I really enjoyed these three weeks, the learners showed an allover motivation throughout the entire time and were especially keen this year to bring in their own ideas and help form music and dance choreographies. They really showed a wonderful maturity to do this.

The second week of the project was during our midtermbreak and was voluntary for all learners. From 10h00–16h00 about 50 learners showed up daily proving to be highly disciplined and joyful in putting in all this additional work.

Our final performance definitely surpassed the performance of last year in quality and variety. This was also due to the fantastic Warehouse team that made an “impossible acoustic” possible for us.

I really loved these weeks and hope to continue Hit the Beat projects with Waldorf School Windhoek in the future and want to thank the entire staff at the school for their support and help during the entire time.

Simone de Picciotto

The team

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