Hit the Beat 2014: Press Release

Hit the Beat 2014  “Let’s move it – Performing Arts Project“
Choir, Drumming, Percussion, Theatre and Dance with Waldorf School Windhoek learners and special guests from Germany “Gonzo ’n Friends”
// Fri. 11 July 2014Sat. 12 July 2014
, 19h00 at Warehouse Theatre, 48 Tal Street, Windhoek City

“Hit the Beat – Let’s move it” is an extraordinary performing arts project, presented by the Waldorf School Windhoek learners and guests, incorporating dance, drums, choir, theatre, garbage music and stick fighting. The development of the performance included three incredible weeks of choir rehearsals for all high school learners of from grade 9 to 12, and an additional choice of three workshops for each learner: dance, drumming, stick fighting or improvisational theatre – and finally the hard work ends in two performances at the Warehouse Theatre.

“Hit the Beat – Let’s move it“ is a powerful presentation. 
The acting framework will moderate the show in form of improvisational theatre. This year former learners are also participating in the large choir and / or in smaller ensembles or even solo singing parts.Working with choreographies helps to develop creativity and stimulate abilities of memory in general. The acting framework will moderate the show in form of improvisational theatre. By working artistically on this project the learners are empowered with the following key qualities: creativity, courage, teamwork, musicality, and general rhythm. The performers experience themselves as an artistic unity to strengthen the feeling of a team at the school – the learners will be able to identify with the school with pride.

Music connects, non-verbal communication helps to bring people together. When working with music all are equal, there are no differentiating / discriminating factors. The learners will develop a different consciousness of their body through daily dancing and movement training. Stability and flexibility as well as coordination will be improved by special exercises that will also help develop stage presence.

The team behind the learners are Simone de Picciotto (project leader, choir project, drumming workshop, stick fighting and brooms workshop); Carmen Nothando Voigt (dance and choreography), Luigi Scarano (theatre and improvisation), Barbara Stauffer (choir), Tony Muirhead (drumming), Oliver Weede (drumming) and teachers of Waldorf School Windhoek. Gonzo ’n Friends from Germany have offered special coaching for enthusiastic singers or musicians (drums, keyboard). During the performance at the Warehouse Theatre they will be on stage with the learners as “special guests“.

Advance tickets N$ 60 available at the school office at Waldorf School Windhoek, 061 41 52 59, at the door N$ 80 at Warehouse Theater, 48 Tal Street, Windhoek.

www.hit-the-beat.org, facebook: hitthebeatconcert, www.waldorf-namibia.org

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PR contact: Hans-Peter Seeger, Waldorf School Windhoek, Tel. +264 81 237 00 84, seeger (at) waldorf-namibia.org